craft compost.

potting mix.

natural fertilizer. 



to help you grow your best plants in a simply sustainable manner

eco-friendly - Sustainable - Premium quality


Our Story and Giving Back

We’re a family owned Canadian business. We believe our business should not only provide great products to our customers, but should also give back to people and planet. Thank you for your support, as sustainable growing will help keep this world beautiful. This is just the start….

Quality Ingredients, Quality Growing

We don’t just make compost, we craft it! Unlike other companies who often use green waste from landfills or harvest natural peatlands, we use only select by-products from the agricultural industry (like hemp and flax). Which would you rather have your hands getting dirty in? We know our answer….


What are you growing for?

We’ve crafted our Green Island products for quality growing. It’s what you expect, it’s what you deserve. Whether you are a weekend warrior home gardener, an indoor potted plant lover, or growing some fresh kitchen herbs.

We have a product line made for you.


Proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet

Curtis and Morgan - Green Island Farming Co.