project wildflower.

We want to help save the bee’s. For every bag of compost, potting mix, or natural fertilizer you purchase, we plant 10 native wildflowers on your behalf. These wildflowers will help to create new greenspace and habitat for our powerful pollinating friends!

1 bag = 10 wildflowers

We’re partnering with various schools, beekeepers, and community gardens across western Canada to help us plant these wildflowers. So next time you see some wildflowers, who knows, they may have just been planted with your help!



planting trees.

Our packaging is made of paper > paper comes from trees > trees make oxygen. And because you and I enjoy breathing, we decided to plant a whole sh*tload of trees to replace the paper we need for our packaging. To be more precise, we’re planting about 10 times more trees than we use for our bags. Help us build a new forest!

planet (environment).

We’re supporting some amazing folks, non-profits, and conservation groups who are doing great things out there in Canada and across the planet. Part of our profits go back to protecting our planet, whether it be removing plastic from the ocean so turtles don’t eat it or helping to conserve natural grasslands, a small helping hand we hope will go a long way for future generations.



people (community).

We don’t want to just be a business, we want to be part of the community. In the cities and towns that are selling our products, we look to donate at that local level which would have a direct positive impact to the community. Maybe it’s a local fundraiser or helping to build a playground, we are always looking for interesting ways to support those who support us.

Please reach out to us if you have an idea or upcoming project in your community where we sell!